Silicone Wedding Ring 5 Pack by Country Bound, Premium Quality Wedding-Bands for Active Men, Sports, Gym and Work Comfortable Fit & Skin Safe, Antibacterial.

  • MODEST, SLEEK, STYLISH: Our silicone wedding rings are designed to give a modest look that won't conflict with your manliness.
  • COMFORTABLE: Silicone wedding band is a perfect alternative to stiff or rigid metal bands that pinch your skin or that you can’t wear given your line of work. Our Silicone Wedding Bands For Men are soft, flexible and comfortable no matter what you may be doing.
  • TOP GRADE, HYPOALLERGENIC, FLEXIBLE SILICONE: 5 Rings Pack - 8.7mm Wide, Mens silicone ring set with five different colors to choose from.
  • DURABLE & FLEXIBLE: We’ve carefully crafted our silicone wedding ring for men so they can stand up to all your outdoor activities, heavy lifting days at the gym, and the coldest of weather. They also won’t pinch or chaff your skin.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: If you are not happy, we are not happy!

Product description

Don’t leave your wedding ring at home just because you live an active lifestyle; choose our Silicone Wedding Ring by Country Bound and stay on the go!

Traditional rings are the perfect token for the day you got married, but they’re not without their flaws. They can twist and pinch your fingers, keeping you from really giving it your all at the gym. They can’t be worn with a large variety of hands-on jobs. And they can often by pretty expensive to replace if you lose or damage it.

That’s why we created the Country Bound Mens Silicone Wedding Band or Mens Silicone Ring Set. Our High Quality silicone wedding rings are soft, affordable, flexible, and you don’t have to take them off when you’re in the shower, at the gym, rock climbing, working with machinery, or even if you happen to wrestle a Bigfoot deep in the wilderness. Made of premium hypoallergenic silicone, they let you represent your marriage and your significant other without slowing you down. Plus, your wife won’t be upset with you for forgetting to put it on.

Our Country Bound Silicone Wedding Bands For Him offer the following benefits and features:

Hypoallergenic, skin-safe silicone

Modest and sleek

Designed for men

Durable, comfortable and flexible


5 Colors to fit your mood

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